From our Moth Trap....


Angle Shades

Dingy Footman
May Highflyer

Silver Ground Carpet


Dingy Shears
Merveille du Jour

Silver Y

Autumnal Rustic

Dotted Border
Middle Barred Minor

Single-dotted Wave

Barred Sallow  

Dot Moth
Mottled Beauty

Six-spot Burnet

Barred Straw

Double Square-spot
Mottled Rustic

Six-striped Rustic

Beaded Chestnut

Double-striped Pug
Muslin Footman

Slender Pug

Beautiful Golden Y

Muslin Moth

Small Angle Shades

Beautiful Hook-tip

Dusky Sallow
Nut Tree Tussock

Small Blood Vein

Blood Vein

Dusky Thorn
Oak Eggar

Small Emerald

Bright-line Brown-eye

Early Thorn
Oak Hook-tip

Small Fan-foot


Elephant Hawk-moth
Oak Tree Pug

Small Fan-footed Wave

Brindled Beauty

Engrailed Clay
Old Lady

Small Mottled Willow

Brindled Green

Feathered Gothic
Orange Swift

Small Phoenix

Brindled Pug

Pale Brindled Beauty

Small Quaker

Broad bordered Yellow Underwing

Flame Carpet
Pale Eggar

Small Rivulet

Broom Moth

Flame Shoulder
Pale Mottled Willow

Small Square-spot

Brown-line Bright-eye

Flounced Rustic
Pale Prominent

Smoky Wainscot

Brown Silver line

Foxglove Pug
Pale-shouldered Brocade

Brown Spot Pinion

Garden Carpet
Pale Tussock

Buff Arches

Garden Dart
Pebble Prominent
Spruce Carpet

Buff Ermine

Garden Tiger
Peppered Moth
Square Spot Rustic

Buff Tip

Ghost Moth

Plain Golden Y

Straw Dot

Burnished Brass

Gold Spot
Poplar Hawk-moth

Swallow Prominent

Canary Shouldered Thorn

Grey Arches
Powdered Quaker
Swallow-tailed Moth

Centre-barred Sallow

Grey Dagger
Purple Thorn


Grey Pug
Puss Moth

Tawny-barred Angle

Chimney Sweeper

Green Arches
Red-green Carpet

Tawny Marbled Minor

Chinese Character

Green-brindled Crescent
Red-line Quaker

The Campion

Green Carpet
Red Twin-spot Carpet

The Clay

Cloaked Carpet
Green Pug
Red Underwing

The Engrailed

Clouded Border
Heart and Dart

Riband Wave

The Fanfoot

Clouded-bordered Brindle
Hebrew Character


 The Herald

Clouded Drab
Hummingbird Hawkmoth

Rosy Minor

The Lychnis

Clouded Magpie
Iron Prominent

Rosy Rustic

The Mullein

Clouded Silver
July Highflyer

Ruby Tiger

 The Phoenix

Common Carpet
Knot Grass


Treble Brown-spot

Common Emerald

Large Emerald

Sallow Kitten

Treble Lines

Common Footman

Large Yellow Underwing

Sandy Carpet

Triple Spotted Clay

Common Marbled Carpet

Least Yellow Underwing

Satin Lutestring Satellite 

True Lovers Knot

Common Pug

Leopard Moth

Scalloped Hazel

Twin-spot Carpet
Common Quaker
Lesser BB Yellow Underwing
Scalloped Oak
Twin-spot Pug
Common Rustic
Lesser Common Rustic
Scarce Silver-lines
Vine’s Rustic
Common Swift
Lesser Cream Wave

Scorched Carpet

Waved Umber

Common Wainscot

Lesser Swallow Prominent

Scorched Wing

White Ermine

Common Wave

Light Arches

September Thorn

Willow beauty

Common White Wave

Light Emerald

Setaceous Hebrew Character

Yellow-line Quaker

Copper Underwing

Lobster Moth

Shaded Broad-bar

Yellow Shell

Coxcomb Prominent

Lunar Marbled Brown
Short-cloaked Moth


Currant Pug

Lunar Underwing

Shoulder Stripe


Dark Arches


Shoulder-striped Wainscot


Dark Marbled Carpet

Marbled Beauty

Shuttle-shaped Dart

December Moth
Marbled Minor



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© Text and photographs Jenny Steel 2017